As we go into the second week of having to wear masks, i can tell you i am grateful for being able to come home and breath without a mask covering most of my face.

I suffer from claustrophobia at the best of times. Through out my party years, i would go to music festivals, night clubs and i have even gone to the tomato festival in Spain. On all those occasions i sat out in a area where i could breath.

The experience in Spain with the tomato festival, i think i blacked out to protect myself from the crush of the trucks and the humans. I remember up till the trucks coming and dont remember until i was trying to get out of the tiny little town. That in its self was a terrifying experience.

Now that i am forced to wear a mask every time i leave the house, not only to protect myself from the virus consuming our nation and the world, but to protect those i care for in my work enviroment.

It gives me a sense of empathy for the frontline workers in our hospital’s. Those who have to wear these little pieces of material every single day, even when there is not a pandemic going on.

I am not a racists, and have empathy for all that walk this earth. I take my hat off to those who choose to wear face coverings every single day for personal and relgious beliefs.

It makes me grateful, for having choices and for living in a country that applauds individuality.

Though it does make me sad, that others protest against protecting others from getting sick. I also applaud them for standing up on their soap boxes and tell how they feel, but at the same time its not that hard to stay home and get your shopping delivered, food brought in from one of the many delivery options.

The sooner everyone starts to work together instead of against each other the quicker our lives can go back to normal. I think that is call common sense.

With businesses closed and unemployment high, its giving everyone to much time to stew and think. Its causing unrest and mayhem.

I for one miss socialising, miss going to my AA meetings, miss travling freely throughout my country. I also miss going out and supporting my local community.

I miss having my life as i like it. But i am prepared to sacrifice, some of my life to keep those i love alive and safe.

Today i am grateful, that i am healthy and loved. Today i am grateful for learning to keep it simple and living one day at a time.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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