365 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Here we are! I am sure i am way past the end of 365 days. Everytime i do something like this my life completely changes for the good.

Seven years ago i did a one hundred day challenge and it pretty much lifted my depression and allowed me to see the light again.

This time in the last year, i have gone from being a couch potato to living my dreams.

I have found the balance between my procrastination and my life.

I realise that every day has new challenges and i honestly believe that this pandemic that has swept our world has taught me how to focus and to sit still a little longer.

My creativity and writing has gone from strength to strength. Over coming my fear and joining the writers group earlier this year has helped me so much.

I was fearful that with being in lockdown and not being able to socialise, like i like too would do my head in.

I will be honest and say some of the aspects of limited travel have upset me. Not being able to be by my friends side during her pregnancy and being there for the birth really sucks. Thank god! for modern technology though.

I am more confident in myself. I have learned to heap more love on myself and have been able to take a step back and really listen to whats going on around me, instead of bull headed going on without thinking.

I spent my twenty-fifth sober anniversary at home by myself. I sent my husband away for a boys weekend and enjoyed the solitude. I did some writting, binged watched some Netflix and just really did nothing.

It wasn’t even procrastination, it was self love and care. That was what i had to learn again. That there is a time for self care and then there is procrastination, i am aware of both now, aware of when i am stalling and when i just need to stop.

I am still keeping it one day at a time, and that is all we are meant to do.

Keeping it simple and loving life, even if it is winter and not my favourite time of the year. I am finding the positives. More time to write and to read being two of those.

Thank you all for reading and as i begin the next chapter, i hope you will follow that too.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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