Day 124 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

For those who do not know me well or even at all, but love reading my posts. When i am not blogging or trying very hard not to procrastinate, i am a disability support worker.

The last three weeks have been cray cray crazy with this corona virus shutting down our world, one country at a time.

I have been working like crazy, as if one person says they are sick, poof no work for two weeks. Whoops that leaves our independent supported house short staffed. Also due to having a couple of lovely weeks off from work to get married and have my honeymoon, it has also left me broke, as i am a casual worker.

I had to use some of our savings to tide us over to buy food and things we needed in between my coming home and then getting paid.

But i have really been hanging for that first pay check as a Mrs to help me feel like i am contributing again into our household.

Between us a couple of days ago we got some shopping, and after actually finding some time to get to the shops, i realised that all this bulk buying has really got out of hand.

Today i went up to the local shopping center to get the last few things i needed to fill my fridge.

Now i would like to say that i am and have always been a fortnight shopper after years of being a single mum and mainly working in jobs where i was paid fortnightly, my shopping has naturally followed the fortnight tradition.

When i was finally able to get up to the shops to buy my shopping and only what we needed, because we had gotten some shopping during the week to tide us over until i was paid. I was suprised by how much good foods like fruit and veg are left. I also brought our bread at the local bakery when i got my lunch. I brought fresh fish.

The local fruit and veg store was very well stocked with everything i needed. And i was allowed to buy two packets of pasta as well. Not limits like in the big chain supermarkets. I am going to make a conscious effort to go back to shopping in the smaller independent stores.

When i did go into the big chain supermarket, i noticed that there still lots of fresh food left. Not much meat, but i didn’t need any as we have what we need. There was fesh milk, lots of junk food and not alot of anything else, except for……..

TAPIOCA mmmmmm i loved this stuff when i was a kid. I actually thought it wasn’t made any more, thought it had given up the ghost like tang many years before.

It was like a divine revelation to see this beautiful little staple sitting pretty much by its self on the bottom shelf. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw it.

It wasn’t even a second thought, that went through my always wanting to be healthy mind. Not always achieving this health goal. It was like i was transported back in time to when i was just a little tacker and mum had made it up as a treat for us.

I have brought it home to make some up for the weekend. it would have been made tonight, but because of the fact that i am not a baker i dont have any vanilla essences in the house, so tomorrow i will go up and get some. (Hopefully there is some, though its not near the toilet paper so there is a chance) otherwise i will be putting a call out to all the ladies who are bakers to borrow some.

I am looking forward to my first taste in probably 30 years.

It is the simple things in life that make you happy.

Keeping it simple one day at a time.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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