365 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Day 3

I think i may have asked to much of myself today. My three tasks were,

1. Complete two gym classes. Hot boxing and hot yoga one after the other. Go back for some Personal training.

2. Rake up the leaves out the back and weed the garden bed against the fence.

3. Clean out the fridge and the pantry.

I have nearly completed all my tasks, but comprises had to be made as well. I remembered this morning i had promised to go over to my father-in-law house, which meant that time in my day would be taken up, so i skipped the hot boxing, went home and started the pantry.

It is amazing how much food we waste, because we have forgotten what we have at the back of the pantry. We had lasagne for tea tonight, because i had two boxes of lasagna sheets that needed to be used. (Sorry deleted the finished pantry photo)

I then headed off to the gym to the hot yoga, where i found out we were really just going to be pretzels. My hips and knee did feel better from the heat, and enabled me to be able to participate in my personal training better. Last week everything was hurting.

The fridge was next, there isn’t much in there, but the shelves were a little terrible and the fruit and veggie containers were full of bits of left over greens. The sauses and jam had spilled as well. Nice and clean again. Hygienic conditions for when i do the shopping in a few days.

Because i make lasagne from scratch, meat and sauce not the pasta it took up a lot of my afternoon, and i was only able to rake up the leaves out the back. It does look nicer.

I also was able to put some washing on and fold the towels off the line. So over all a very productive day.

I have to remember not to let my ego take over and allow me to push myself beyond my limits. I have to also remember not to be too hard on myself, because i am proud of myself for at least tackling 95% of my tasks today.

When we are in recovery, we have to remember to take a day at a time, and Easy does it.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me at work, so i am going to set a smaller more realistic goals for myself.

1. Walk my client, who is in a wheelchair to the shopping center instead of driving. Tracking this so i can see where we have been and how far. (I have been putting this off because of it being winter).

2. Go to a Pilates class in the afternoon. ( i am aiming to get exercises into everyday)

3. Only have one coffee for the day. ( my water consumption is terrible)

Happy Monday everyone. Xxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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