365 days of Recovery from Procrastination

Day 1.

Well i have to say i am impressed with myself today. I set myself the goal yesterday that i would complete three tasks that i had been procrastinating about.

Yesterday i said that i would fix up my potted garden, give the boganvilla a hair cut and i would wash the floors.

Three things i had been putting off, my green bin is now over flowing, and anything else garden wise will have to wait till after Thursday when the bin is emptied, and its not only from the boganvilla but the rose bush i hadn’t trimmed back yet. While the boganvilla is a pain with the nearly 1 cm thorns, i would much rather tackle it than the the extremely thorny roses.😣😭🌹

All the dead leaves have been removed from my pots and they have all had a feed. White oil sprayed to protect from the caterpillars. 🐛 I rearranged all my pots to help them enjoy the winter sun. ☀️

Floors where swept and washed. Jug of dirty water to prove it. Amazing how quickly the floors get dirty, but then we wear our shoes inside and we have a blue heeler and a bullpug who i think sheds more hair than any other dog i know. (Lucky she is cute)😁

Besides those three things i have done today, i have started the process of ordering my wedding flowers and all that intails with that.💐👰 Drove to my nail lady and had my nails fixed.💅 Love gardening gloves, because they are still looking pretty. (My nail lady Lisa told me she would kill me if i ruined my nails so soon after having them done), she does a great job and i had full confidence that i and my nails would be fine.

Now to have a hot shower and go out for a while with friends.

Tomorrow’s tasks i think i will keep simple seeing as it’s Sunday.

1. Go to chi ball at the gym ( would love a long sleep in) 😴😴

2. Head into the city to the MCG to watch my football team Geelong hopefully beat my fiancee’s team Hawthorn. (There’sthat 50/50 chance my team might be tired, but i don’t think they will be.) 😜😁

3. Eat as healthy as i can at the footy. (Now there is a test in its self. 😁🍔😣)

Have a great night everyone. Be happy and safe.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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