I come home everyday, do the bare minimum and then sit on this couch.

Everyday i think to myself, i need to do all of these things, get rid of the junk accumulating around my house, get into the garden and weed, prune and to feed my over abundance of roses. I think everyday i will go to the gym, i will eat healthy and i will lose the weight i want, before i get married next year. And every day i come home from work and i feel exhausted, its winter here and i use that as an excuse to not go out into the garden, or get my new project done. But then there is always an excuse.

Who am i kidding?

Just myself right?

My head is in my hand and i am shaking my head at the self pity and victim role that is playing out in my head.

I dont like being a victim, dont allow others around me to play that role, i am the most positive person you will ever meet, but then at the same time i am very good at hiding behind that, so no one can see me, just like this picture, you can only see a little bit, the little bit i want you to see.

Procrastination has been a slow and steady decent onto my life. I have seen it coming and haven’t move quick enough out of its way. It has really hit me, now that i am an empty nester and do not have my childs school routine to keep me on my toes.

I know its about routine and changing habits. I have been in recovery from many different things, now i need to be in recovery from procrastination.

Lightbulb moment here and yes it is scary. I need to set myself a challenge, to teach my self not to procrastinate so much.

How do i do this? I have put a lot of thought into this while i have sat on the couch and procrastinated about what to do. My theory is that i have to set myself three tasks per day and complete them, with doing this everyday for a year i will teach my self how to get off my butt and get things done.

Hopefully it will end my Procrastination, and it will improve my mental health and self worth.

Writting in this space, within this community everyday will help me over come my fear of writing too. (Hopefully)😆

Photo evidence has to be provided. Sometimes things are going to over lap, but thats ok, because my garden and the gym never go away. 😂😂

Keeping a virtual diary of my achievements and fails will also keeps me accountable for experiment.

Tomorrow is the 20th of July, my three things i would like to get done are,

1. Fix up my potted garden in the deck area.

2. Cut back my boganvillia

3. Wash the floors in the house.

See you all tomorrow.

Night. Xx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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