Fear and rejection

Yikes, here we are half way through the year and i haven’t posted anything.

Fear really gets me. All those nagging questions that we ask ourselves, when we embark on this writing journey. Is my writing good enough? Will any body read it? What happens if nobody likes it? Am i going to be pulled up for all my grammar mistakes? Literally i can not remember everything my English teacher taught me. Though i do remember my English teacher’s telling i had talent, but i didn’t believe them, wish i had now.

Rejection really goes hand in hand with that fear factor. I have written a lot of stories over my life and never thought about them being read by others. Even all the lovely comments i got from readers here about my other posts terrified and excited me all at the same time. Fear and rejection again rearing its ugly head. Every day i say to myself just get up and write just a little bit, but most days i find some excuse.

Last week i went to a work shop to help me to better expand my blog, something i had put on hold for awhile while i work on this fear and rejection anxiety, it was a massive eye opener for me to see so many others there in the same place as me. Lightbulb moments were popping in my head like blinding lights.

Fear stepped in when two ladies talked to me about my blog and encouraged me to keep going and all i had really said was that i want to help people in recovery. And not just recovery from addictions but from life as well.

I am in recovery right this minute from my anxiety over being rejected as a writer. I am a great believer in what ever happens happens, but i also realised that procrastinating and allowing fear to rule my life will never get me those writting dreams i always dreamed of.

So finger out of bum, i am getting of the fence and i am facing this fear and rejection on face to face. After all how can i get people to trust and believe in me in me, if i dont trust and believe in myself.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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