Making memories

Friday has rolled around

The weekend is here again

Another work week done and dusted

Finally at home

Tunes turned up loud

Fish and chips have been ordered

Hot shower

Dancing in my towel

Girlfriends are over

We are trying on each other’s clothes

Getting ready to go out on the prowl

Cigarettes burning away in ashtrays

Dozens of bottles of cheap booze

Quickly being swollowed

Perched on the counter

Doing each other’s make up

Laughter and delight as we talk about the coming night

Out into the city bright lights we go

All dressed up ready to hit the town

Friends having fun

Making life long memories as they go.

Let us spread the Love ❤ Virus out to the world

Our world has turned upside down.

Generation’s are experiencing something we thought we never would.

We are experiencing what it would have been like for those who have lived through wars.

Just without the bombs and the guns.

We are in lockdown.

We are required to wear protective masks.

To help save us from a virus.

That is having a negative effect on the human nation.

Its pitting man against man.

It is spreading hate through out our world.

It is draining our societies.

It is draining us all of our energy.

For some of us it feels like a cage.

We must rebel.

I will stand up and i will rebel.

I will do it with love and dignity.

Not hate and mistrust.

I am here to spread the Love.

I hear people say our mouths are covered

We can not be heard.

I say yes we can.

We can say what we want with kindness from our hearts

We can be heard.

If we stand together

Lets show the world

Lets show the world how to spread

The Love ❤ Virus

Where are my rights?

The virus is sweeping through our lives.

Picking us off one by one.

Who would have thought that we would not have a vaccine.

We wear a mask to help slow the spread.

Where are my rights when you go out to protest.

You protest about human rights.

You protest that our goverment is currupt.

You protest because it gives you something to do.

While you are spreading the flu.

Social media is used as a bargaining tool.

Fake news is spread faster than this flu.

Idiocy is now the norm because common sense went out the door.

We are losing our sense of self, because people cannot get it through their head.


Do not think you know what is best for me.

When you walk around flaunting your disregard for my health.

Use your common sense.

Join hands virtually and protest from your bed.

YouTube loves people to be heard.

I hope you have heard me and you.



As we go into the second week of having to wear masks, i can tell you i am grateful for being able to come home and breath without a mask covering most of my face.

I suffer from claustrophobia at the best of times. Through out my party years, i would go to music festivals, night clubs and i have even gone to the tomato festival in Spain. On all those occasions i sat out in a area where i could breath.

The experience in Spain with the tomato festival, i think i blacked out to protect myself from the crush of the trucks and the humans. I remember up till the trucks coming and dont remember until i was trying to get out of the tiny little town. That in its self was a terrifying experience.

Now that i am forced to wear a mask every time i leave the house, not only to protect myself from the virus consuming our nation and the world, but to protect those i care for in my work enviroment.

It gives me a sense of empathy for the frontline workers in our hospital’s. Those who have to wear these little pieces of material every single day, even when there is not a pandemic going on.

I am not a racists, and have empathy for all that walk this earth. I take my hat off to those who choose to wear face coverings every single day for personal and relgious beliefs.

It makes me grateful, for having choices and for living in a country that applauds individuality.

Though it does make me sad, that others protest against protecting others from getting sick. I also applaud them for standing up on their soap boxes and tell how they feel, but at the same time its not that hard to stay home and get your shopping delivered, food brought in from one of the many delivery options.

The sooner everyone starts to work together instead of against each other the quicker our lives can go back to normal. I think that is call common sense.

With businesses closed and unemployment high, its giving everyone to much time to stew and think. Its causing unrest and mayhem.

I for one miss socialising, miss going to my AA meetings, miss travling freely throughout my country. I also miss going out and supporting my local community.

I miss having my life as i like it. But i am prepared to sacrifice, some of my life to keep those i love alive and safe.

Today i am grateful, that i am healthy and loved. Today i am grateful for learning to keep it simple and living one day at a time.

365 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Here we are! I am sure i am way past the end of 365 days. Everytime i do something like this my life completely changes for the good.

Seven years ago i did a one hundred day challenge and it pretty much lifted my depression and allowed me to see the light again.

This time in the last year, i have gone from being a couch potato to living my dreams.

I have found the balance between my procrastination and my life.

I realise that every day has new challenges and i honestly believe that this pandemic that has swept our world has taught me how to focus and to sit still a little longer.

My creativity and writing has gone from strength to strength. Over coming my fear and joining the writers group earlier this year has helped me so much.

I was fearful that with being in lockdown and not being able to socialise, like i like too would do my head in.

I will be honest and say some of the aspects of limited travel have upset me. Not being able to be by my friends side during her pregnancy and being there for the birth really sucks. Thank god! for modern technology though.

I am more confident in myself. I have learned to heap more love on myself and have been able to take a step back and really listen to whats going on around me, instead of bull headed going on without thinking.

I spent my twenty-fifth sober anniversary at home by myself. I sent my husband away for a boys weekend and enjoyed the solitude. I did some writting, binged watched some Netflix and just really did nothing.

It wasn’t even procrastination, it was self love and care. That was what i had to learn again. That there is a time for self care and then there is procrastination, i am aware of both now, aware of when i am stalling and when i just need to stop.

I am still keeping it one day at a time, and that is all we are meant to do.

Keeping it simple and loving life, even if it is winter and not my favourite time of the year. I am finding the positives. More time to write and to read being two of those.

Thank you all for reading and as i begin the next chapter, i hope you will follow that too.


He could see the sun rising over the horizon.

The fog rolling across the paddocks.

In the pre dawn.

He wrapped his hand in old cloth.

He took in a deep breath as his hand plunged through the ice encrusted water barrel.

He let his breath escape him.

The coldness never getting easier.

He raised his water drenched hand to the drilling rig cable.

The cable slid into motion dragging the mud up from the frozen winter earth.

He lit a cigarette with his dry hand.

He pondered if frost bite would once again touch his fingers.

Recovery from Procrastination

I am into the last leg of my recovery from Procrastination and i have been so busy, that i have not posted anything in a month. WOW it’s just incredible how quickly time flies when your not procrastinating.

It is crazy how the world flipped upside down and went sideways, all at the same time keeping me on my toes, it gave me energy and focus and i can tell you everyone i have not been procrastinating.

I have in the last month, worked incredible hours with work. Tried to maintain a balance at home. I have pretty much cleaned out every room, decluttered and then some. Thank god for op shops and council curbside pick up.

I have written my first five thousand word short story. ( i wrote the first draft in eight hours) all other drafts took a wee bit longer and then i summited it into a competition.

Will i do any good? Maybe, maybe not, but do i really care? Well sort of yes i do and no i dont care. If i win that would be amazing, but if i dont at least i got off butt and did something about my amition.

I have decreased my working hours so that i can find time to write. Expand on the five thousand word short story and write more.

I feel rejuvenate, accomplished and content. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH❤

No feeling of procrastination in my life right now and the dreaded winter is coming. This is usually my procrastination trigger. A huge case of SEASONAL ADJUSTMENT DISORDER comes over me about now, but i am embracing my inner child the one that spent her childhood in the cold, and not the frivolous adult who grew up in sunny Queensland.

Do i dream of warmth? Hell yes! But for now this is where i am meant to be and where i need to be.

Everything has a reason and my staying cold is a great reason to keep writting.

Keeping it simple one day at a time.

Day 99 /95 Day’s of Recovery from Procrastination

Here we are in the final 100 days. How things have changed in the world in the last 265 days.

I have discovered that most of my procrastination stems from the weather, and now the corona virus going around, work also has been a bit of chaos as well.

My thinking is jumbled and i am holding on to things that are not beneficial to my positive thinking.

Lock down is pretty arse boring. We are lucky in the fact we can still work, but not being able to go any where is a bit of a pain in the butt.

My husband is a home body usually, but even this is wearing him down a little bit.

We have thought about much wanted renos on our house, but then we are waiting, because the down turn in the stock market has us more worried than the virus going around.

My vegetable garden is coming along, but there is only so much you can do.

Negative thinking gets in the way some days.

I am a regular AA meeting girl as well and only having zoom meetings is just not enough. I am an extrovert not an introvert, so not being able to socialize properly is wearing thin as well.

I think that is enough ranting for one day.

Trying very hard to keep it simple one day at a time.

Day 104/100 Day’s of Recovery from Procrastination

Working, sleeping, writting has been my last four days.

I had planned to put up our tent in the back yard, i was going to string up fairy lights and make it all very romantic and a cosy way to spend our Easter weekend instead of doing what we would usually do, which is camping on the mighty murray river with a lot of family involvment. That was put on the back burner due to the weather. The Easter weekend is usually the last warm weekend, before the winter. Not this year though. Sigh its over 30 degrees in Qld.

Every year we go home, set up camp with 500 other people, (well maybe not many) but feels like it. We have a small corner all to ourselves. Safe for the kids to run around and to have a Easter egg hunt on Easter morning.

Yesterday was spent watching movies and today, video calls to my friends in QLD. We went all out got dressed up, put on make up, had drinks and a cheese platter. All while social distancing.

Its the new way of the world.

I am just glad i dont have social distance from my dogs, or my new husband.

Bring on the end though. Its not helping my procrastination.

Keeping it simple one day at a time.

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